The Designs of
San Francisco Artist David Meeker

creating imagery to send a gentle ripple of healing energy

to an ailing planet and its tenants

About Me

My Background

I have had the good fortune of happy accidents and superb teachers throughout life.  They have facilitated my return to a world in which I flourished long ago. This website aims to illustrate something of that reincarnation. 

My Medium

I work primarily with ink and colored pencil and watercolor at this time. Some other work was done digitally.

My current series is entitled The Poem Mosaics, mixed-media pieces done with ink and either watercolor or colored pencil. The fracture of the imagery is created by the inter-woven, outlined text of personal thoughts, some of anger but mostly of gratitude, which I hope will prompt similar reflection in the viewer.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by a marvelous parade of creative folks who have illuminated the path such as 

Ben Shahn, Romare Bearden, 

Laurel Burch, Louise Nevelson, George Tooker, Charles Burchfield, Matisse, Diebenkorn and Calder. 

I am grateful to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco as well as SFMOMA

for keeping me "well nourished" 

in this regard.

My Blog